PostDoctoral Data Viz Fellowship Position Open

We are pleased to announce a new full-time PostDoctoral Fellowship position in interactive data visualization.  This position is available in conjunction with the Digital Applied Learning and Innovation (DALI ) Lab at Dartmouth College, to oversee research and development in data visualization, and guide teams of students working to develop interactive data visualizations for partners from across campus and around the world.  Data visualization is critical for analyzing massive data sets, deriving meaning out of information and numbers, finding patterns, and helping people make data-driven decisions. Well-designed, interactive data visualization can create an emotional and intellectual reaction to information that transforms a static data set into a meaningful story with lasting impact. This is a unique opportunity for someone who enjoys working in a dynamic setting, with an engaged team, and who is interested in applying research to real-world problems.  

This position is unique in that it allows someone an opportunity to further your own research by tackling fundamental questions at the intersection of data science, computer science, design, information science, behavioral science, and quantitative social science. In addition to your own research, the Post Doc will develop methods and tools for students in the DALI Lab, and oversee interdisciplinary, highly creative and talented teams of students who are designing and developing interactive data visualizations. The DALI Lab has over 70 students per term working on around 15 distinct design and development projects.  The Post Doc will help design, build, and implement a new focus area in interactive data visualization.  

As a postdoctoral fellow in DALI, you will participate in the intellectual life of the program by interacting  faculty, undergraduate students, and postdoctoral fellows from across Dartmouth. Fellows will also attend seminars and workshops and are expected to present their own research on a regular basis. Dartmouth College has an active and integrated Post Doc community and because of its small size, students have an easy opportunity to collaborate across departments. In addition to the DALI Lab, the Post Doc will be part of the Computer Science department, as well as having easy access to the Thayer School of Engineering, the Math Department, Quantitative Social Sciences, the Neukom Institute Postdoctoral Fellows, and the Dartmouth Society of Fellows.  Qualitative Social Sciences (QSS), a burgeoning program at Dartmouth, hosts two or more Post Docs per year, for example, and Neukom hosts 4-5 new Post Docs every year.  The successful candidate will likely have an opportunity to teach a cross-listed course in Data Visualization through QSS. 

Application Instructions

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