Incente Wins Dartmouth Entrepreneurial Forum

Hanover start-up and DALI partner, Incente, won the 2016 Dartmouth Entrepreneurial Forum StartUp Competition. Incente’s award-winning product, Proxi, is a digital toolbox for mental health clinicians.  Incente says that Proxi “leverages dynamic and intuitive technologies to enhance the delivery of mental healthcare.”


A DALI project from 2014-15, Proxi was one of our first partnerships with a start-up company. This was a great opportunity for a team of DALI students to work on the design and development of a complex web application with the potential for big impact on mental health treatment.  DALI blends mindful design and cutting-edge technology to build prototypes of our partner’s ideas in order to help them get to the next level.  Congratulations to Incente’s Co-Founders, Bill Hudenko, Ph.D., C.E.O. and Dom Candido, PhD., Board Member, for winning the $25,000 top prize!