Welcome Aboard, Natalie!

We are pleased to announce Natalie Jung as our new Design Resident. The lab will benefit greatly from her fresh UI and UX industry knowledge sharpened over three years of Digital Product Design at SapientRazorfish, a global digital agency. After earning a degree in architecture from Barnard College at Columbia University, Natalie understands the rigors of the design process. She is adept at translating vague design briefs into concept and solution and knows how to give valuable feedback. DALI projects have already benefitted from her special attention to UX. Plans are in progress to create a DALI digital product design process with robust resources to guide students. Natalie’s excitement to be working in an educational and start-up environment is palpable -- she is eagerly engaging students to develop their own design style, portfolio, and career paths. When she’s not in the lab, chances are good that Natalie can be found teaching yoga in the Upper Valley, playing piano, or exploring the wonders of the outdoors.

Natalie Bio 2.jpg