What is DALI ?

  • DALI Lab = Digital Arts, Leadership, and Innovation Lab

  • Students work in teams outside of the classroom, building prototypes while learning technical and creative skills. We help our partners communicate complex information in order to change behavior, enhance understanding, motivate exploration, and create delight

  • Lab meetings Wednesdays at 5:30 pm

  • $11-15/hour, ~10 hours/week


What kind of projects does DALI do?

We have a lot of exciting projects lined up for the spring! We take on a wide variety of projects ranging from web design to digital fashion. Visit dali.dartmouth.edu/dali-work for more information.


What if I have a project idea for DALI?

We have a Pitch event every term where members of the Dartmouth Community can pitch a project idea to the lab and the DEN and ask for lab support through design, development, and/or funding. Winning pitch projects start the subsequent term. Potential partners can also approach the lab throughout the year through our partner form and are accepted on a space available basis. While we’ve finalized our project docket for 17S, we are accepting partner applications for 17F.


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