A common complaint among Dartmouth students is that Wheelock Books, the current textbook vendor of many students on campus, sells books for prices that are too high and buys them back for prices that are too low. Amazon Prime is one alternative, but buyback prices are often half of the sellback prices and shipping requires at least two days.

DartBook, is a mobile app that allows students to buy and sell textbooks to each other. The app will allow students to log in using their Dartmouth accounts and will read their class schedule and make textbook recommendations based on which classes they are enrolled in. Students can upload pictures and basic information about their books, make offers, and message each other about where to meet up for an exchange. Venmo integration, barcode scanning, and attractive UX will make our app beautiful and highly effective.

Partners: Internal DALI project by Armin Mahban, Shreya Indukui, Nick Moolenjizer