Art2Artifact was begun in January 2013 by Prof. Roberta Stewart, who saw a potential for the enhancement of Classical Studies through the use of technology. Instead of painstakingly collecting data by hand, using physical paper resources, Stewart felt that there was an opportunity to use the power of computers to organize and search data online.


Art2Artifact was designed to perform two basic functions:

1. To store coin images in an online database and allow users to perform basic searches on the coins with several attributes, including Date, Location, Mint Authority, etc. This database should be simple, easy to use, and easy for users (with proper privileges) to upload, edit, and delete entries.
2. To allow users to save specific searches into “Corpora” for study, and to view corpora of other users once they have published them.


The Art2Artifact Portal was built and designed by Diana Salsbury, a Neukom Scholar and member of the Dali Lab at Dartmouth College. Diana Salsbury is a current Computer Science student at Dartmouth, and will graduate in 2015. The site is built using a SQL Database, and a PHP/HTML/CSS/JavaScript front end. The styling of the site uses the popular Twitter Bootstrap CSS library, and implements the GoogleMaps v3 API and Simile Timeline Widget. Some minor JSON was used in populating the Simile Timeline. Art2Artifact is hosted on Heroku. All PHP functionality was coded by Diana Salsbury. The code for Art2Artifact is public, and can be found on


Prof. Stewart hopes to incorporate the Art2Artifact Portal into the education plans of the Classics Department, specifically for senior year research papers and seminars.