Building a Peruvian Coding Bootcamp for urban youth


The aim of this project is to build a Peruvian coding bootcamp that will empower low income urban youth in Lima to develop a competitive technical skillset and get quick access to the technology labor market in Peru. The hope is to improve the training and capacity of Peruvian youth in coding, connect them to the market and contribute towards turning Lima into a "hub" of technical expertise through which people from low income backgrounds can progress and improve their future opportunities.


We designed a 6-month immersive full-stack coding bootcamp based in Lima, Peru with functional curriculum that can be implemented and utilized for the first year of students, and is open to iteration and improvement after testing for subsequent semesters.

Partners: Raul Benavides, Tuck ‘18 and Ashley Manning, D’17. Built in collaboration with

Team Members: Robert He ‘19, Stephen Liao ‘19, Carson Levine ‘21, Makisa Bronson ‘20, Amy Guan ‘21