Giving citizens a voice in Congo


Allow citizens of the Democratic Republic of the Congo to understand and have a voice in their government. Our app will enable users to create posts about local and national issues, and connect with others who are passionate about the same topics.


We created an Android app where users can connect and post issues and government progress occurring in their local community as well as national issues. Users can see others’ posts in a newsfeed and comment. Users will receive notifications for updates on their posts, such as new comments and solutions, and responses to posts that they are following. They will also have a profile page in which others can request to connect with them and see the posts that they have created, as well as their screen name, location and image.

Partner: Washikala Malango

Team Members: Zack Johnson ‘20, Emma Demers ‘20, Geoffrey Huang ‘19, Virginia Cook ‘18, Wendy Kangethe ‘19, Yenny Dieguez ‘20, Anna Dodson ‘20