Predicting wait times through live cameras and machine learning


It is frustrating to walk into a cafe to grab some coffee, only to confront a long line and not know when you will be served. Imagine knowing line lengths before you arrive and choosing a cafe where you can get that essential caffeine and still make it to class on time. At Dartmouth College, King Arthur Flour (KAF) is the popular cafe located at the center of campus and is plagued with this issue.


Line@KAF allows real-time tracking of exactly the length of that queue at KAF. Additionally, users can browse the menu and prices, see data on popular times by hour, and submit their requests and feedback to the KAF team!

Partners: Jin Hyun Cheong & Eshin Jolly, PBS Graduate students

Team Members: Jane Lee ‘19, Teddy Ni ‘19, Anne Muller ‘18