Self-service home appraising and touring with a mobile app


This two term project was a partnership with REX Real Estate. REX provides a simple way to tour a home without going through a pricy seller or buyer agent. It also offers the option to value a house for resale by simply taking photos of the house. Pay not a penny more than the exact price of the house you are buying and earn good money on the house you are selling.


The DALI team worked closely with REX to develop two mobile apps and a desktop app to help the user tour a home, take photos to appraise a home, and receive details on what a house is worth.

Partners: Andy Terrel and Charles Tseng at REX Real Estate

Team Members: Sofia Stanescu-Bellu ‘20, Anuj Varma ‘20, Juan Castano ‘19, Danny Min Kim ‘18, Avantika Agarwal TH’19, Varsha Iyer ‘21, Morgan Sorbaro ‘20, Jessica Sun ‘18, Ricky Taboada ‘19, Chris Moorad ‘18.