RunRite SmartSole

RunRite SmartSole is a shoe insert designed to provide real-time gait analysis to runners.  Pressure sensors in a shoe insole continuously measure the forces of the runner on the foot. Its current output from 5 pressure sensors is an Nx5 matrix where N is the number of samples taken in a given run. Each row in the matrix is the five force values in newton’s of the user’s foot on each of the pressure sensors at that specific time step. This data can and has been used to generate pressure maps, gait analysis, and impact attenuation charts, all of which are extremely useful to runners of all performance levels. This project is based on student work from a course in Engineering.

Partner: Robert Halvorsen

Neurometabolic Disease App

Dr. Filiano published a textbook called “Simplified Diagnosis of Neurometabolic Disease.”  Its format is an “at-a-glance book of lists”.  It contains brief paragraphs that explain subcategories of neurometabolic disorders, followed by efficient tables and lists that compare and contrast symptoms, signs, and marker lab tests of related disorders; lists of differential diagnoses; simple diagnostic algorithms; and a few key metabolic pathways.  He has recently updated these materials, which are currently in Word Document format.  Our goal is to transform the book into a searchable web application and diagnostic tool.

Partner: Dr. Filiano, DHMC


A common complaint among Dartmouth students is that Wheelock Books, the current textbook vendor of many students on campus, sells books for prices that are too high and buys them back for prices that are too low. Amazon Prime is one alternative, but buyback prices are often half of the sellback prices and shipping requires at least two days.

DartBook, is a mobile app that allows students to buy and sell textbooks to each other. The app will allow students to log in using their Dartmouth accounts and will read their class schedule and make textbook recommendations based on which classes they are enrolled in. Students can upload pictures and basic information about their books, make offers, and message each other about where to meet up for an exchange. Venmo integration, barcode scanning, and attractive UX will make our app beautiful and highly effective.

Partners: Internal DALI project by Armin Mahban, Shreya Indukui, Nick Moolenjizer


Appetite is a mobile application to help conduct studies as part of on-going research for a team in the Psychology and Brain Sciences Department at Dartmouth.  The app helps users build will-power through games that utilize a classic inhibition task process (stop-signal task). We found that participants decreased their desires to eat and ate less after the training.

Partner: Todd Heatherton (Professor in PBS)Pin-Hao Chen

Psych VR

A set of experiments and tools using virtual reality to help treat stress from long duration space flight. This VSS Project is being funded by a grant from the NSBRI (National Space and Biomedical Research Institute, a division of NASA). Users are able to  experience immersive relaxing situations using virtual reality, sound, heat and other sensory stimulations.

Partners: Dr. Jay Buckey (Geisel), Dr. Mark Hegel (Geisel), Lorie Loeb