College Pulse is a mobile application and website designed to aggregate and share student public opinion on college campuses. Combining the accessibility and relevancy of social apps like Yik Yak with the accuracy and credibility of surveys conducted by Institutional Research, Pulse is the first reliable, transparent and cost-effective platform for college administrators and students alike to gage campus opinion through polls. As of August 2016, the Pulse team began testing the platform at Dartmouth and plans to conduct its first campus-wide poll in September. We would like to thank the following Dartmouth and national organizations for all of their funding and support: Dartmouth Entrepreneurial Network, Dali Lab, the Office of the President, Student Assembly, Dartmouth Roots, the Student and Presidential Committee on Sexual Assault, and the Stamps Foundation. After rolling out the platform at Dartmouth, Pulse plans to expand to neighboring ivy league schools, beginning with Yale, Harvard and Brown.

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TreasureHunt is a scavenger hunt creation tool for mobile devices. Users participate in hunts based on real-world locations, completing fun clues of varying types and difficulties along the way. Points and prizes are earned upon completion of a hunt. There is also the option to create clues and hunts based on one’s location, or to use another person’s clues in one’s own hunts. Simple and entertaining, TreasureHunt is a mix between Geocaching and an Easter egg hunt that helps users to explore the world around them.