Encouraging kids with speech impediments to practice speaking


Not every child with speech impediment has access to speech pathologists, and it can be intimidating to practice in front of others. However, one can only improve through practice. Children who struggle with speech may also experience longer term impacts on their confidence level and academic performance. These children need a space where they feel comfortable and motivated to improve their speech.


Blabl is an iPad app that encourages speech through storytelling. Blabl provides story plotlines that children can customize using fun icons. Children can unlock different themes and create unique stories via back and forth dialogue with Blabbicorn, the app avatar, allowing them to enjoy speaking and improve through play. The audio files are saved so that parents and speech pathologists can track the child’s progress.

Partner: Ayan Agarwal, D’21

Team Members:  Geoffrey Huang ‘19, Jasmine Mai ‘20, Sofia Stanescu-Bellu  ‘20, Andy Yoon ‘19, Shirley Zhang ‘19