We design and build technology tools to help our partners change behavior, enhance understanding and even create delight.  DALI uses mindful design to create solutions to a wide variety of problems.

Student lab members get a unique and powerful educational experience.

Dartmouth Applied Leadership & Innovation Lab

Experiential Learning

At the DALI Lab, students have an experiential learning opportunity outside of the classroom.

Leadership SKILLS

Students in the DALI Lab build on classroom skills while learning new ones. Over time, students become mentors and take on leadership roles.


Problem Solving

Students define the problem, reframe it, and find solutions through an iterative process of brainstorming, designing, prototyping, and testing.

Real World Projects

Partners benefit from working with bright and creative students. Partners include faculty, non-profits, government agencies, students, and startups.

DALI was founded in April 2013 by Lorie Loeb, Tim Tregubov, and Dan Rockmore with seed funding from the Neukom Institute for Computational Science and support from the Computer Science Department at Dartmouth College.

How we work.

Small teams work to solve big problems.

Our Teams

Undergraduate and graduate students work together in interdisciplinary teams.  While students have roles as designers, developers, or project managers, they are encouraged to push their limits and learn new skills.  

Designers learn to develop.  Developers learn to design.  

More experienced students become mentors.

Partners are part of the team.


Our Process

Partners bring projects, data, and content. DALI designs a solution and builds a prototype. Partners integrate and distribute the results.

The DALI Method guides DALI teams through discovery and problem definition, project proposals and feature spec, design, development, testing, revisions and delivery to partners. 

We discover, design, develop, and deliver results.  We learn and iterate along the way.


Our Partners

Our partners are non-profits, corporations, government agencies, faculty members, students, and individuals.  DALI helps partners transform their ideas into reality.  We design and build tech solutions to communicate and interact effectively.  Projects range from web and mobile apps to games that influence decision making and from 3D printed medical devices to virtual reality content. 

Our Staff

DALI staff provides support, workshops, and mentorship to lab members and to the Dartmouth community.  Our full-time professional staff, faculty advisors, and part-time student staff help to create an extraordinary and supportive space where students can be creative and where ground-breaking work can get done.  

Open lab hours every Monday from 5-8 PM are available to provide help to anyone who wants concept, design or development assistance. 

I’ve learned different and more effective ways to solve a variety of problems. DALI has provided a much more cooperative working environment than projects for classes.
— Dartmouth '15


I’ve been really impressed with the team - they’ve been asking great questions, incorporating my feedback really well, and have demonstrated a really intuitive understanding of my business problems and come up with great solutions for them.
— Andrew Palmer (

Visit us


The DALI lab is currently located at 007 Sudikoff Lab with the gracious hosting of the Dartmouth Computer Science Department and the Neukom Institute. 

Open Lab Hours every Monday 5pm-8pm during term!

9 Maynard Street
Hanover, NH