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While we choose projects four times a year for the following term, this application is always open. 

DALI is an extra-curricular program that serves as a campus job for students. While some of the skills that students learn in their Dartmouth classes are related to their development and design work at DALI, there is no class that specifically prepares a student for working at DALI. Students to come in with baseline skills and do a ton of learning on the job. 



What is DALI ?

  • DALI provides Dartmouth students with an opportunity to put their development and design skills to use on real-life projects, and gives partners the chance to bring creative ideas to their projects. Students work in teams outside of the classroom, building prototypes while learning technical, professional and leadership skills. We help our partners communicate complex information in creative ways to accomplish real change, enhance understanding, motivate exploration, and create delight.


What kind of projects does DALI work on?

We have a lot of exciting projects lined up this year! We take on a wide variety of projects ranging from web design to digital fashion. At the end of every term we hold a public demo event where you can see our projects live! Sign up for our newsletter to receive the date and time of next term's Technigala!


What if I have a project idea for DALI?

We have a Pitch event every term where members of the Dartmouth Community can pitch a project idea to the lab and the DEN and ask for lab support through design, development, and/or funding. Winning pitch projects start the subsequent term. Potential partners can also approach the lab throughout the year through our partner application form and are accepted on a space available basis. Not sure if your project is a good fit for the lab? Come by Sudikoff 007 during our weekly Open Lab Hours to talk about it! Walk in, or sign up in advance via Calendly.


I'm not a student, can I be involved?

Absolutely! There are several different ways you can be involved with DALI:

Partner with us: If you are working on a tech project and need some creative thinking, design, and development work, we can help! DALI developers and designers work hard to produce elegant designs and well-developed technology that communicates information in ways that maximize its utility and impact

Apply HERE to partner with the lab. Project acceptance is based on potential impact, educational opportunity for DALI members, compatibility with our skill sets, feasibility, and DALI’s capacity for new projects.

Sponsorship: When we partner with a student or nonprofit on their ideas, the project is often unfunded. If you are interested in sponsoring a team or student to actualize these ideas, we would love to hear from you.

Give a workshop or talk: We are always eager to bring new ideas into the lab. If you have a skill, passion, or experience relevant to lab work, we'd love to talk with you about sharing with our members!


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