Applications are always open

We review on a termly basis for fall, winter, and spring.

Please let us know if you have any questions at



We excel at bringing pitch-level ideas to life

Discover | Define | Design & Develop | Deliver


We demo and test every project

See for yourself at Technigala, our end of term event


This is a great time to come and view our projects and to talk with students and partners about their ideas, solutions, and process.


What we look for in a project:

Appetite Demo.png

Potential for impact

Educational component for students

Compatibility with our skill sets

Technical feasibility


Other ways to be involved:


Compete in The Pitch

The Pitch event is an opportunity for members of the Dartmouth Community to pitch a project idea and ask for support through design, development, and/or funding. Winning DALI projects jump the application process and start the subsequent term.


Give a workshop or talk

We are always eager to bring new ideas into DALI. If you have a skill, passion, or relevant experience, we'd love to talk with you about sharing with our students!


Sponsor a project

When we partner with a student, researcher, or nonprofit, the project is often unfunded. If you are interested in sponsoring a team or student, we would love to hear from you.


Explore our space in 3D!


More details and fine print:

We charge $8-10K per project per term. This helps offset some of our costs like paying the students! We have a limited number of grants available that you may apply for in your application.

We typically do not sign NDAs. What makes a project succeed is the particular passion of the founders. Ideas by themselves without implementation, unless they are specifically protectable by patents, do not have value without the specific motivations of the founding team.

When applying, your idea remains secure. We do not discuss proposed projects in any public setting and restrict access to project applications to our staff.

All IP that is created for you by DALI students is granted to you. You have full perpetual rights to do anything with any code/designs created.  We work with the Technology Transfer Office to make sure all the IP assignments are in place. The only right that we retain is for the students who worked on the project to be able to show some part of their work as part of their portfolios.

Dartmouth Funding Options:
DALI offers grants to support unfunded projects across the Dartmouth community. All undergraduates, graduates, staff, researchers, and faculty members are eligible. As a nonprofit institution, we cannot provide grants to for-profit companies at this time.

Other Funding Options:
Center for Technology and Behavioral Health(CTBH) Grant: As part of the Center’s aim to support the development and evaluation of cutting-edge applications of technology to the treatment of substance-use disorders and related issues, CTBH offers limited funding to affiliated researchers and their trainees to support novel pilot projects that offer considerable promise to have a large impact on the field.