Welcome to the DALI Application!


Before you begin on your journey of becoming a DALI member, we want to give you a quick overview of the application process so you know exactly what to expect! The roles we are currently hiring are:

  • Developers

  • Designers

  • Project Managers

  • Videographers

  • Engineers


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Quick Logistical Notes

The application is technically open year round, but we will review applications in cycles. In general, we consider all applications around week 6 to consider hires for the upcoming term.

Be sure to budget enough time for yourself to complete the application! We know Dartmouth terms are busy, so try to start the application at least a week in advance to give yourself ample amounts of time!

Returning applicant and want your previous application for reference? Shoot applications@dali.dartmouth.edu an email to either re-submit the same application, or get your old application!


The Application

Ah, the application itself! We've generally split the application into two parts.

Part 1: About you


The first part of the application is us getting to know you a little bit more. This is where we'll gather your contact info, when you're graduating, your D-plan, and all that fun stuff. In addition to those riveting questions, we also want to learn a little bit more about your life aspirations and why you're applying to the lab in the first place!

Part 2: Challenges

The second part of the application is your opportunity to show off your technical skills, and to help us figure out where you would fit within the lab!

Depending on what role you are applying for, the challenges will be different! Here's a quick overview of the main Developer, Designer, and Project Manager challenges. Scroll down for the complete overview for ALL positions.



Developer Challenges

Show us your coding skills! We'll ask you to submit 2 - 3 coding samples that you are proud of and think is representative of your skills! One small catch - at least one of your samples has to be one of our DALI Developer Challenges. These challenges help emulate some of the real work we do in DALI, and give us an opportunity to see how well you work with guidelines.

Designer Challenges

Feeling design-y? We'll offer you two completely different app ideas, and you can take your picking as to which one you want to design! We're looking to see your thinking as you brainstorm and work through your designs. In terms of actual deliverables, we ask that you put all your work into Figma (don't fret if you've never used it before, it's really, REALLY easy to pick up) and submit that as your challenge!

Project Manager Challenges

Want to manage a project? This is the place for you! The challenges are relatively straightforward - we'll set up a handful of situations that we want to hear how you would deal with, as well as see how you would plan a meeting. Basically, just a bit of writing of your thoughts and what your philosophy is when it comes to handling certain situations!

For a full rundown of the challenges check them out here!

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Q. Shoot, the deadline is coming up really fast and this is taking much more time than I expected, can I get an extension?

A. We handle extension requests on an individual basis, depending on when we meet to evaluate applications. Fire an email to applications@dali.dartmouth.edu if you are looking to get an extension (no promises you'll get one, so plan accordingly).

Q. I'm a first-year and don't have that many skills - can I still apply to DALI?

A. Yes, absolutely! We take into consideration your year in our hiring process, so don't expect to be compared to a senior with three internships under their belt!

Q. I didn't get into the DALI Lab. What can I do from here?

A. Don't fret at all! Keep working on those challenges, and continue building your portfolio!

Q. When will I hear back?

A. We usually get back to applicants end of week 9 / beginning of week 10. We know it's slow, but your applications are just so good that it takes us a lot of deliberation to make decisions!

Q. I have a question that isn't in the F.A.Q.

A. Email us at applications@dali.dartmouth.edu