While you are still welcome to apply, your application will be considered for 19W.

Are you looking to partner with the lab on a project? Please use our to give us some background about your project


What is DALI ?

  • Students work in teams outside of the classroom, building prototypes while learning technical and creative skills. We help our partners communicate complex information in order to change behavior, enhance understanding, motivate exploration, and create delight

  • Lab meetings Wednesdays at 5:30 pm

  • $11-15/hour, ~10 hours/week


Who does DALI hire? Do I need to be an expert in Design or Development?

Short answer: “No! You don’t have to be an expert.”

We like people who like doing things, who can show us that they can learn things quickly and demonstrate initiative and self-learning by working on projects outside of classes. In our applicants, we look for people with some previous design/dev/maker experience, who work well in a group, and who are enthusiastic to work in the lab!

Strong applicants tend to be familiar with a few of the following: Adobe CC, WordPress, iOS (Objective C/Swift), HTML5 (Javascript/HTML/CSS), SASS/Les, Node/Angular, Rails, git, Video Editing, AfterEffects, and SolidWorks learned through classes or otherwise.


Can I work at DALI if I’m a Freshman?

It is possible to work in the lab as a freshman. We are happy to hire students who demonstrate that they’re eager to learn new things, even though you might not yet have the experience or requisite skills!


What kind of projects does DALI do?

We have a lot of exciting projects lined up for the spring! We take on a wide variety of projects ranging from web design to digital fashion. Visit dali.dartmouth.edu/dali-work for more information.


What if I have a project idea for DALI?

We have a Pitch event every term where members of the Dartmouth Community can pitch a project idea to the lab and the DEN and ask for lab support through design, development, and/or funding. Winning pitch projects start the subsequent term. Potential partners can also approach the lab throughout the year through our partner form and are accepted on a space available basis. While we’ve finalized our project docket for 17S, we are accepting partner applications for 17F.


If accepted, do I get to choose the project I work on?

Yes! If accepted you will be given a list of potential projects to work on and you can select your top choices. When deciding project placements we typically consider students' existing skills and experiences, the skills students wish to gain from the lab, the skills required for each of the projects, and students' previous work on projects.

Both existing members and new applicants submit (slightly differing) applications and samples at the beginning of each term to aid in our assignment process. The project assignments and teams are finalized by the end of the first week of classes to allow teams to make the most of our very short terms! This quick turnaround process seems to work best with the constraints of the d-plan and students learn a ton regardless of the project they're on.


I’m interested in working for DALI, how do I apply?

We’re very happy that you're interested in working at the DALI Lab. To apply to work at DALI in 17F, please fill out the application above.


I can’t work for DALI this term, how can I still be involved?

You can apply now to join DALI next term. In the meantime, join our mailing list so that you will hear about the events of the lab that are open to campus.


My question isn’t on here…

Please feel free to reach out below if you have any other questions!


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