2018 The Pitch Important Dates

Pitch Applications Due: January 29, 11:59pm

Pitch Competitors Notified: February 12

Pitch Decks Due: February 22

The 2018 Pitch Event: February 26, 7-9pm in Filene Auditorium


Things to know before applying

Founders must be current Dartmouth students, faculty, or staff. Unfortunately, this program is not currently open to alumni, family members, community members or DHMC employees.

When filling out the application, be sure to directly input the information requested rather than use hyperlinks, LinkedIn profile URL's or other items not requested.

Please be prepared to provide: 
 Your SSN, check distribution if not incorporated and the information for each of those checks, a W9 if incorporated, and your international status. 


The form will be shut down promptly at the deadline time which will be stated in all campus emails and posters advertising the Pitch. Any applications in progress will not be accepted. We highly suggest applying earlier to avoid any last minute issues.


If selected, it is important to be aware of the following information.

DEN Funding- You may only receive funding from one program per term in addition to other individual program requirements. The order of DEN's seed funding programs is:

  1. The Pitch

  2. DEN Founder Grants

  3. Dartmouth Entrepreneurs Forum

Once you receive funding from one program you may not go backward to apply or receive funding from an earlier funding program. For example, you may not receive a DEN Founder Grant then participate in The Pitch.

You must submit all necessary information and paperwork within one month of the date of The Pitch event to claim your prize or any and all money will be forfeited.

DALI Collaboration:

If you win, DALI provides 1 term of collaboration (approx $7500 value), with the option of continuing the project for an additional term if the project is going well and scheduling availability. DALI is a tech and design experiential learning program where students work in teams to discover, design, and develop technology solutions. In a pitch winner collaboration: DALI will help you refine your problem; hone in on a solution; design prototypes; and implement those prototypes to help your product get traction and to validate your idea.   The lab’s main focus areas are software solutions such as: iOS apps, complex web applications, data visualizations, mobile games, IoT, digital art installations, and wearable technology. If your project does fit into these areas that is OK, we will try to work with you to see how else we can collaborate.

International Students:

If you are an international student, we HIGHLY recommend you contact OVIS regarding any possible funding you may receive and the information,or options, listed below.


If you win, please note the following options for receipt of funds:

  1. If you are currently working and filing taxes in the U.S., you will need to supply us with your social security number.

  2. If you are not working, or do not have a social security number, any applicable taxes will be taken out of the amount of the prize money.

  3. If not incorporated, you may incorporate and the check will be issued to the company name.

What are the most commonly Pitched ideas?

Some of the most common ideas we see every term are food delivery apps, study buddy/tutoring apps, and travel apps. While we do not want this to turn you away from Pitching your idea, it is good to keep in mind what other people are doing.  If your idea is in a crowded market that is ok, but tell us how your solution differs and that you have done your research.

When will I know if my idea has been accepted to Pitch?

We always try to get back to applicants as soon as possible after the deadline so that you have the most time possible to plan your presentation if selected. 

What to do if I win?

There is a follow up questionnaire which will be sent to Pitch winners. Filling this out is vital in order to receive the funding/support.